Biscay Tower, an icon of the area’s economic relaunch

The Biscay Tower is the beacon that is set to light the way to the future for the local area, an icon of its economic relaunch. Formerly the head offices of the bank Banco Vizcaya, the building was designed in 1970 and symbolised Bilbao’s economic and financial power. It has now been refurbished and altered to respond to the modern and innovative needs of enterprising individuals and businesses. The Biscay Tower has once again been lit up to become the 'factory' for the businesses of the future and a focal point for artificial intelligence.

The thinking behind the Biscay Tower

Scheduled to open in 2021, the Biscay Tower will house some of the departments belonging to the Provincial Council of Biscay and the Centro Internacional de Emprendimiento [International Entrepreneurship Centre], linked to the needs of some of the most powerful sectors in Biscay. This centre will provide the international nexus between startups and enterprising projects in Biscay and some of the world’s leading business ecosystems.

Purpose of the Biscay Tower: its goals

The Centro Internacional de Emprendimiento is going to play a crucial role in ensuring that the local business and economic fabric continues to be competitive, as startups will be in a position to provide businesses in Biscay with solutions for facing the challenges posed by today’s global market.

Specifications of the Biscay Tower

  • The Biscay Tower is 88 metres high.
  • It has an overall surface area of 9,542 metres distributed over 11 floors.
  • The building consists of two blocks at an angle to each other, which are characterised by the use of glass that adopts different hues depending on the light.
  • Over 20 corporations involved in the project, with the commitment to adopt an innovative approach to the Biscay Tower.

Project status

Its construction will start in mid-2021 and will be completed in late 2022.