Seed Capital

Seed Capital is a venture capital to support start-ups and companies in Biscay. It is a public company for the promotion and development of newly-created or existing companies that seek the development of innovative and/or socially innovative projects

Innovation fund

European funds for the promotion of technological innovation and of investments that are necessary for the project's development. It provides financing tools for companies that are carrying out Technological Innovation activities. Loans 100% guaranteed by the Elkargi guarantee society.

Aid for creation, consolidation and growth

Creation programme

It supports the development and definition of the creation project for new companies or new business units in existing companies.


Support for innovation projects, both technological and non-technological, in any area of the entity (product, organisation, participation, market, property protection…) and advanced investments.


Support for comprehensive innovation, investment and internationalisation projects to improve the competitiveness of companies.

Hazitek programme

Support for carrying out Industrial Research or Experimental Development projects, both competitive and strategic in nature.