The defining features of mobility in Biscay are its efficiency, its focus on competitiveness and innovation and its advanced standards of management.

Learn about the strengths of Biscay regards mobility

In terms of volume, Biscay is one of the leading producers of mobility in the European Union, with a strong network of skilled suppliers located within a 300 km radius.

More than 45% of all Spain's automotive industry output comes from the Basque Country.

The sector comprises 300 firms that invoice over €18 billion and provide over 40,000 jobs in Biscay.

The sector in Biscay is driven by trailblazing, world-leading firms including multinationals and major centres of expertise that add value to the industry as a whole and to their parent organisations.

Automotive firms in Biscay cover the whole value chain, ranging from steel makers through capital goods manufacturers and machine tool producers to die and machining companies, universities, research centres, consultancies and engineering firms. It also covers all vehicle functions: drivetrains, powertrains and interiors.

The automotive industry based in Biscay currently has 284 production plants abroad, mainly in emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, Brazil, Mexico and China.

Their technological potential is shown by the fact that 70% of firms have R&D&i departments, and the average proportion of invoicing given over to R&D is 5%. Sustained growth is expected in the coming years.

A stand-out feature of the sector is the new AIC-Automotive Intelligence Centre, a unique centre for adding value that is encouraging the whole sector to cooperate in areas such as knowledge generation, training, technology and industrial development.

Learn about benchmark firms in the automotive sector in Biscay

  • Gestamp
  • CIE Automotive
  • Maier
  • Batz
  • Cikautxo

Global companies that operate in Biscay in the mobility sector

  • Bridgestone
  • ZF Sach
  • GKN Driveline