Biscay's strategic move into the foodtech sector brings together three key strengths of the territory: its gastronomy, food and Industry 4.0. It is a clear example of a high-value blend of tradition, modernity and future.

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The foodtech sector in Biscay blends the traditional foodstuffs industry with technology and digitisation, using technologies based on Industry 4.0 such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to transform and add value to the foodstuffs sector, factoring in modernity, innovation, efficiency and sustainability.

The sector comprises 299 firms which provide 19,849 jobs and have a joint turnover of €880.6 million. It invests €10.3 million per annum in innovation.

Biscay has long had firmly consolidated value chain in the foodstuffs sector, covering all relevant activities from primary production through processing, distribution, restaurants and hospitality to end consumers.

The territory is world-wide benchmark for gastronomy and haute cuisine: as of 2020, it has 12 Michelin starred restaurants, giving it one of the highest concentrations of such restaurants per capita anywhere in the world. In its benchmark status for gastronomy, it has never lost sight of its origins and precursors in the long tradition of fine cuisine and foodstuffs in Biscay, based on respect for raw materials.

The territory is a European benchmark for innovation in food-related technologies and research, with specialist technology centres, universities and training centres which are globally renowned.

All these factors provide Biscay with a foodtech ecosystem centred on entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship in the food, farming and gastronomy sector.

Strategic initiatives in foodtech in Biscay.

EIT Food

Biscay is home to the EIT Food Community in the Basque Country, which hosts innovations that will mark the future of food in Europe.

Azti Tecnalia

A benchmark centre for food-related research.

Bermeo Tuna World Capital

Bermeo Tuna World Capital: promotes at a global level the sustainable management of tuna as a natural resource, through scientific knowledge and leadership in good practices.

Benchmark foodtech firms with a presence in Biscay

  • Eroski
  • Uvesco
  • Albacora
  • Kaiku
  • La Salve
  • Salica
  • Ortiz
  • Cafés Baqué
  • Delicass
  • Vascolac
  • Insalus
  • Itsasmendi
  • Gorkaizaguirre
  • Echebastar