Biscay is committed to receiving professionals and digital nomads who wish to establish themselves in the region, and offers the conditions necessary to attract, establish ties with and retain highly qualified people in the innovation and knowledge process.

Learn why Biscay is a talent-friendly territory.

  • Bilbao is placed third in the global ranking of cities capable of holding onto talent according to the Global Talent Competitiveness Index for 2020 presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos.
  • As of 2018, 57.6% of the city's population had secondary, vocational or university qualifications.
  • 25.9% of those who study in Biscay have science and technology-related qualifications. Indeed, Biscay tops the European rankings for science and technology graduates.
  • Public spending on non-university education is €6572 per student (the highest in Spain).
  • The trilingual education system features the highest level of English in Spain (English Proficiency Index).
  • International schools.
  • Universal healthcare system.
  • Very low crime rate.

Bizkaia Talent helps talented individuals from other countries come to Biscay.

  • Bizkaia Talent is a talent agency in the service of individual specialists and businesses wishing to set up in the territory.
  • It provides a comprehensive orientation service for talented individuals arriving in Biscay who need help in setting up in business.
  • Bizkaia Talent facilitates connections and networking with specialists in various countries and provides an all-round support service to help the spouses of impatriates to find work.
  • It also arranges programmes of aid, a job brokerage service, attendance at trade fairs and specialist events and provides a head-hunting service.
  • In short, Bizkaia Talent helps highly skilled specialists to develop or continue their careers.

Biscay offers tax breaks and incentives for highly skilled individuals

The incorporation of highly-skilled impatriates into companies and specialist fields is subject to a special tax framework applicable for the 6 first years following arrival. The incentives available to all residents of Biscay also continue to apply.

For example, 35% of their salaries is not taxable under personal income tax. These tax breaks make it easier for organisations to incorporate talent.