The past, the present and the strategy for the future of the economy in Biscay are all linked to its industry. Industry is a key sector for generating value (it accounts for 20% of the territory's GDP) and creating quality jobs.

Industry in Biscay: innovative businesses

Biscay's commitment to Industry 4.0 is based on a sound fabric of business that incorporates innovative technologies which enable it to address the new challenges which are set to transform the sector.

Industry 4.0 entails a paradigm shift that requires industry in Biscay to adopt a new conceptual, strategic approach.

The industrial fabric of Biscay contains all the abilities and skills needed to move firmly in the right direction, with newly-incorporated firms and innovation projects that incorporate concepts, methods and technologies based on Industry 4.0 in all aspects.

A cross-sectoral strategy is required that extends to both industry and associated services.

Strategic initiatives concerned with industry in Biscay

Basque Industry 4.0

This Basque Government strategy entails factoring smart elements into means and systems of production, making use of emerging technologies and capabilities in regard to new products and processes, integrating advanced materials into solutions with greater added value and enhanced processes, fostering efficiency and sustainability in resource use and incorporating high value-added services.

Bind 4.0

This is an international initiative led by the Basque Government which seeks to promote the development of the best start-ups.

Basque Digital Innovation Hub

The BDIH is a connected network of assets and services in the field of advanced manufacturing. It is an infrastructure available to firms for training, research, testing and validation.