97% of the population of Biscay live less than 500meters from a public transport stop. Bilbao airport has flights to and from 38 domestic and foreign destinations and handles 5.8 million passengers per annum.

With 1.42 million inhabitants and over 90,000 businesses and establishments engaged in economic activities , the hub of Biscay's international transport links is Bilbao airport. With direct flights to 38 domestic and foreign destinations, the airport handles 5.8 million passengers a year and is growing by 8% year-on-year.

A proposal to update the Bilbao Airport master plan is currently under review, with a view to remodelling and enlarging the facilities.

Bilbao airport is reinforced by other airports less than 150 km away: Foronda (174,000 passengers per annum), Hondarribia (320,000), Biarritz (1.2 million) and Santander (1.1 million).

The Port of Bilbao moves 35.5 million tonnes of goods per annum (2019), including general merchandise, containers and liquid and solid bulk products. This makes it the 4th biggest port in Spain in terms of traffic.

Municipalities and supra-municipal districts

Biscay's territorial balance and global potential is evidenced by the distribution of the various sectors that make up its economy across 112 municipalities organised into 13 supra-municipal districts, which comprise a dynamic economy in which industry carries substantial weight, though it is widely spread. In the Durangaldea district industry accounts for 42% of the local GDP. In Busturialdea and Lea-Artibai it accounts for 37%.

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  • Bilbao Airport
  • Port of Bilbao

Port of Bilbao

  • Annual traffic: 35,5M tonnes.

Bilbao Airport

  • No. annual journeys 5,8M.
  • Direct destinations 38
  • Year-on-year growth 8%
  • Bizkaibus
  • Renfe
  • Metro
  • Feve
  • Euskotren tram
  • Euskotren

Road network in Biscay

Biscay has 1300 km of roads , so the upkeep of roads and infrastructures is a key aspect for enhancing safety, connections and competitiveness in the territory's various municipalities and supra-municipal districts.

In the past five years 111 million Euros has been invested in 43 projects to maintain and upgrade Biscay 's road network.

Users rate their experience in regard to using the 1300 of roads under the authority of Biscay and to their general condition with an average score of 7.7 out of 10.

Looking to the future, a major metropolitan bypass, a tunnel under theriver and phase two of the "Supersur" relief road are already under way.