2019 DATA

Biscay is a byword for a sound economy, quality of life, stability and safety. With a GDP per capita of €34,145 and high standards of living and quality of life, Biscay is a stable, close-knit, safe society that strives to create financial capacities value and investment opportunities.

GDP: 40 B

  • 73,89% Services
  • 19,28% Industries
  • 5,92% Construction
  • 0.91% Agriculture, livestock farming, forestry and fishing

Source GDP Biscay

GDP per capita: €34,145

Source GDP per capita

1,142,853 population

Source population

This figure has risen by 4000 in the past 4 years


  • Men80.4 years
  • Women86.3 years

An inclusive society

26.7 GINI coefficient*

This figure is better than that of the EU-28 and that of France, Germany, the UK, Denmark and Sweden individually.

* summary indicator of poverty, insecurity & inequality

Source GINI coefficient

Biscay is one of the safest societies in the world, with a rate of 10.72 criminal offences per 1000 inhabitants.

  • 22% of the people of Biscay hold medium or higher level university qualifications

    Source qualification

  • 30% of the territory's university students are taking science, engineering and architecture courses

    Source science

  • Internal R&D spending is
    1.7% of GDP


  • Health spending accounts is 8.7% of GDP,
    which means €2,839 per person per annum

    Source health


40 museums,
20 art galleries,
opera season, major theatres, international events & festivals


1.6 million visitors per annum

Source tourism